Process of Phung Linh

Step 1: Receive the requested information from the customer.
Via phone, email, social media channels (facebook, zalo…).

Step 2: Quotation.
After receiving the customer’s information, the staff of the shipping company will base on the type of goods, the quantity of the goods, the transportation terrain, the distance, … to calculate the freight (estimated) ) and quotes for customers.

Step 3: Carry out the freight..
After being quoted and agreed by the customer, the transportation company will sign a contract for transportation, then send a means of transport and a team of loading and unloading workers to the place to pack and load the goods. vehicles and transport from the place of receipt to the place of delivery quickly, safely, and cheaply.

Step 4: Collect service fee.
When the goods have arrived at the place of delivery, the transport company will collect the service fee.
With the above road freight process, customers will not have to worry about their goods being lost, damaged or arriving late for delivery.



Necessary procedures when transporting goods by road

– Car registrations.
– Certificate of insurance of all kinds.
– Certificate of inspection of technical safety and environmental protection (referred to as certificate of inspection for short), stamped with inspection stamp.
– Certificate of circulation for oversized or overloaded vehicles (if any).
– Certificate of registration of transportation business according to the specific industry during the transportation process.
– Besides, the service contract with the customer should make a copy to bring to except for bad cases that affect the transportation of goods.
– Driving license suitable for the vehicle being driven..
– Certificate of training for taxi drivers or certificates of training in transporting dangerous goods when performing their respective duties.
– Periodic health certificate for the driver.
– Identity card or identity card of the person sending the goods.